Womens specific bikes

The need for women specific bikes remains a point of much debate in the industry that ultimately comes down to opinion and personal preference. A point that cannot be denied is that female physiology differs from men’s and whilst some riders may have the knowledge, time and disposable income to adapt a man’s bike for many it makes much more sense to make use of the ladies bikes that already come ready for the job. Women in general have shorter arms and distribute their weight differently so the bikes frames have been adapted with shorter reach length, shorter chain stays and lower top tubes which on some entry level models is even slanted. This makes mounting the bike easier and gives confidence as well as practicality on city bike models. For comfort girl’s bikes have smaller grips and wider saddles sometimes with a cut out. Women’s models will also come in smaller overall frame sizes to cater for the shorter ladies. Gone are the days when companies thought that painting bikes softer pastel colours, namely pink would be all it took to attract the girls. With a slowly growing range of choice women’s bikes can be judged on their comfort and performance merit not just the least offensive colour and name choice.

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